We are AndroBranch

AndroBranch is a Android app store and Movies Store. Our goal is to offer free access to a large app catalog without restrictions in terms of the type of device or users' geographic location. We aim to promote a more open mobile app industry.

Over 30 thousands users per month choose AndroBranch to download apps and Movies from our catalog. We're offering a legal software distribution platform that is accessible from any web browser.

AndroBranch was founded in India in 2022 by Utshab Biswas. Since then, AndroBranch continues to generate revenue, growing year after year without the need for any external financing. 


Our focus is on distributing apps and movies through the web due to its ease of access -- all you need is a browser.

Our belief is that standard platforms, like the web, are a valid form of discovering and downloading apps and Movies. 

Business model

AndroBranch is a free store for developers, users and device makers who wish to use it as their app store.

Our revenue comes in through advertising on our site directly through unintrusive banners shown while users browse our catalog.

The only setback to this model is that it requires that we have enough traffic, and that means we need to adapt our business structure to that revenue. Our team is small, we’re just 5 people in charge of the entire AndroBranch catalog and we benefit from using automatization and all the technology behind our platform in order to tackle this huge task.